My Devember 2017

I, Bhavani Ravi, will participate in the Devember. My Devember will be to get 1 step ahead in ML.

I promise I will program during my Devember for at least an hour, every day of this December.

I will also write a daily public devlog and will make the produced code publicly available on the internet.

No matter what, I will keep my promise.

My Devember

My devember was a roller coaster ride, and it popped up right after I changed my shift at work to crunch some time to work on projects outside of work.

Building a WordPress site for my college EEE department

I have set up few WordPress sites before for work but never drilled down to the internals of WordPress. For this project I got two people working with me one on content, one designer to design the logo and other visual elements. My part was just the layout and Placing the UI elements with a mix of UX.

After one iteration, I found the theme does not give the flexibility that we are expecting on the homepage. With a little of PHP knowledge, I fiddled a bit with the theme’s code to display custom post.

I was astonished by the way WordPress is written. There is a lot more to explore. At the end of the whole experience, I was like

Every damn thing in WordPress is a configuration.

Hour of code

December is a season of the hour of code. We had conducted it for 7th Graders in 3 schools, seven batches, 300+ students in RKM school Tnagar Chennai.

The problem was none of the schools had internet connection in their labs. Hence, we have to go for an offline version. So we thought we would go with Minecraft offline version suggested by [], but again it was for 64 bit systems. The schools might have 32 bit systems. Hence, we had to find some platform with the least dependency. We found blockly-offline-games

The sessions went well, and the students enjoyed it to the maximum. One problem I found with blockly offline games was it doesn’t have a tutorial mode like switching off constraints like usage of the number of blocks etc.,

I am working on this to add to setting options.

Learning to build Firefox web extension

I have been building a Moz-site-visit-tracker. It is just a starter learning project to get a gist of developing WebExtensions.

WordPress theme

Since the day I worked on the website, I was curious to know about the internals of WordPress. I know I can’t master it all in one devember, but I was sure that getting a bit of taste will keep me hooked. That is what I did.

I found this fantastic blog series To build themes from scratch, and I followed just that. I understood how WordPress is modularised into sections to get a highly configurable website.

Closing thoughts

Yes, I planned to get a step ahead in ML but soon realised that it is not for this devember. I was learning and working with different technologies every week and with maximum fun.

I had maximum fun this devember. It also got me into a habit of working on something out of work and that is a good start for my 2018.