A Thought to a Million Dollars – A review

I started writing this as a review on Amazon but later found that I had so much to say that it needs a blog.

I got A Thought to a Million Dollars this new year. Finished it around the days when Amazon announced its sold out. I was so glad that I got it before.

I am obsessed with female entrepreneurs and techies, and Salma is always at the top of the list. Salma’s morning FB posts are my energy booster. She was the reason I got this book in first place.

The things I loved/learnt from this book

Most startup stories crown the victory. They frame it around the victory, letting the effort and hardship fade away. Whereas A Thought to a Million Dollars showcases The Startup Club’s work, effort, passion and concludes each chapter with the victory.

In chapter 1 Salma portrays the contrast between how she thought a startup idea would pop in her head vs how it finally ended up being a thought itself. It was so assuring for me. You don’t need an idea or validation to start your startup journey; a thought is good enough to start with.

How important is a co-founder? How nice is it to have a support mechanism and building a team that is as passionate as you?

As said before, I adored, loved every aspect of Salma in this book but also realised that I am more of a Vivek myself. So I assured myself that if I ever become an entrepreneur, I will be as crazy, as passionate and as enthusiastic as Salma. I love books that would help me become a better version of myself, and ‘A thought to a million dollars’ is one of those. Not just that, it is the kind of book that you would go back to, to make sure that you got it all.

Thanks a million to Salma and Vivek for giving it all to us in just 128 pages.